Superbull NFT Launch

Hornnies NFT Collection is divided into 4 series, two of which has already been launched. The last two series are planned for 2023.

Hornnies are playable NFTs that give users access to the SuperBull App and $HORN tokens and NFT airdrops.

beta1 badge claimage

With Beta1, SuperBull App’s initial proof of concept site, coming to a close, any community member who has participated/interacted with the site are eligible to claim their commemorative badge.

The badge itself, other than being a commemorative piece, also gives users unique perks like access pass to future tournaments and even surprise airdrop opportunities.

discord superbot(S)

With apps like and SuperBull App coming out, we are looking to integrate a bunch of features to our discord. Things like the ability to search Hornnies’ stats. Ability to gift other community members in-game gifts…etc.

game corner

A product that we are very proud of is the Private Racing Room in beta1 of the SuperBull App, where many different projects in Cardano can race their NFTs together in a fun RNG-style simulation.

We plan to build A LOT more of these games that will be usable by other projects <3

stats generator

With this initiative, every single Hornnies NFT will be given a set of stats (Speed, Power, Endurance, Vertical, Intelligence, Skill). With this, users will be able to compete with each other through non-random-simulation determined by their Hornnies stats.

merch store

You’ve seen some hand-made merch during the Hornnies era that wer gifted out as prizes. With our rebrand to SuperBull, the team plans to roll out more merch and physical items that are not only used as gifts but winnable and purchasable in our site.

nft marketplace

The hub for everything SuperBull! Users will be able to look up Hornnies NFT’s in-game data such as stats, and compare different Hornnies to find the best one before purchase. The marketplace is integrated with and will have its own smart contract functionalities coming.

superbull app

The SuperBull App is the flagship game of the SuperBull project. It is a digital fantasy sports game, where users can use their best Hornnies NFTs to compete and earn tokens in various simulated sporting competitions.

Currently, the SuperBull App has wrapped up its beta1 phase and will be rolling out a brand new version (beta2.0) that has been improved and built from scratch.

whitepaper release

With the SuperBull game design document (GDD) being wrapped up, a Whitepaper will soon be released, outlining the game, the marketplace, the NFTs and the token.

pfp collection

The Oxies will be introduced to the community via airdrop and public sale. Oxies are our team’s definition of the dream Cardano-styled PFP collection that pays homage to, in our opinion, the most important NFT in Cardano history, Spacebudz.

Not only as a PFP, Oxies will also have a utility role in our future products, such being 3D controllable characters and/or used for staking.

horn token release

$HORN token will be airdropped to all Hornnies holders. The token will act as the utility token of the SuperBull App as well as future products rolled out by the project. Users can use $HORN as entry fee to enter into SuperBull competitions as well as to purchase in-game items like cosmetics.

virtual home

Are you interested in a Animal Crossing styled experience, where you can own your very own virtual home in the SuperBull ecosystem?

The whole idea of the SuperBull ecosystem is for the users to compete and earn $HORN and $ADA using their Hornnies (2D pixelated card NFT), and then use these coins to buy, decorate, and brag about their virtual homes, where their Oxies (3D controllable bull) live.